Powerful, Creative, and Insightful Way

to Get Your Family into The Scriptures

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Word puzzles, coloring pages, decoding, scripture hunts, and more!

Unique Activities 
Every Week

A fun way to help your kids look forward to Come Follow Me.

Fun & Engaging Lessons

Lessons that increase scriptural knowledge and build testimonies.

Strong & 
Lasting Testimonies

Lesson plans with ideas on how to apply the scriptures to real life.

Meaningful Gospel Discussions


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Every week there is a lesson plan, a quote, an activity for your littles and an activity for your bigs

We Build Our Lessons With You In Mind

As a mother of three kids, I'm always thinking of what would work best for a family learning together. How to make it memorable, and how to apply it to real life experiences.

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Professionally Illustrated
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Something for Everybody

Your Kids Will Love Learning About The Gospel

We have the philosophy that if you teach your kids to learn to love learning the Gospel, they will want to learn more. Enoch Studies has creative, fun activities that challenge kids and youth, teaches them how scriptures apply to them, and helps them love the process. Set them up for a lifetime of loving the Gospel with the confidence to know where to look for answers.

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Mom Approved

"Just wanted to tell you that I received the materials that you sent and I absolutely love them! They are fantastic! I am currently coloring and laminating them for this month & in future months! :-) I am going to get some file folders and save these bad boys for FHE lessons. So excited, thank you so much!"


"Thank you so so much ♥️ Your materials honestly make learning for my littles so much more interesting and engaging. And so simple for me to go through as well ☺️ Every Sunday my kids ask me if we’re doing another activity ☺️ They love them so much!!"


"Thank you so so much ♥️ Your materials honestly make learning for my littles so much more interesting and engaging. And so simple for me to go through as well ☺️ Every Sunday my kids ask me if we’re doing another activity ☺️ They love them so much!!"


"Thanks for telling me about these. I used them with my parents last week and they loved it. My mom said, "Now this is on my level". Haha. I'm super excited about it! I've been struggling because it's basically been up to me to do our Sunday church. My family has never been great at discussing gospel principles together. In all honesty, this is an answer to prayers. Thank you!"


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a colored printer for these lessons?

We try to have one lesson per month that is colorful and exciting and a couple that are black & white to save on printing costs. While having a colored printer is not required for most lessons, it does enhance the lessons.

I don't know if my child is old enough to understand all the activities. How do you help in this situation?

If there is an activity that is too hard for ages 3 and younger, we try to have a coloring page for the younger kids, so they can participate and have fun.

How are the youth acitvities different than the kid activities?

Kid - We create ways for young kids to join in Home Study with their older siblings. - Help kids recognize and get to know scripture heroes and stories. - Create discussion friendly ways to talk about the scriptures and the doctrine. - We try to specifically make activities that help with dexterity, hand-eye coordination such as Cut, color, paste. - We try to build excitement for kids to study the scriptures. - We create kinetic ways to learn and retain gospel principles. - Help give foundation for testimony. Youth - We try to have fun activities and puzzles that get them into their scriptures. - We ask questions that apply to their life, and encourage critical thinking. - We have at least one activity per month that they need to open the scriptures to finish, and at least on the applies to life today.

Do I have to commit to signing up for a certain amount of time?

Nope. We have no contracts to keep your subscription active for any longer than month to month. However, we would love to keep you as long as possible.

Are the activities Digital or Printed/Mailed?

Currently, the activities are all digital and must be printed by you. However, in the very near future, we will have a printed/mailed subscription.

How long is each lesson?

Lesson times vary but are typically between 10 - 20 minutes.

What does it take to do each lesson?

You will receive a lesson plan weekly that lists the materials you will need for the activity. The majority of time you need nothing more than a pen, pencil, and coloring supplies. Occasionally, you will need glue, scissors, and other miscellaneous items. One each activity, there is a concise description on what to do. Just follow the instructions, it's as easy as that.

Can I share it?

Definitely! We love it when our subscribers share their lessons with others. However, we ask that sharing be done with printed copies of the lesson, not the digital files.

How can I use it?

Lessons can be used with your family, for home study, primary classes, youth classes & activities, activity days, familiy home evening, singing time, grandkids, sunday school classes, family gatherings, and more.