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About Us
Our Mission

The mission of Enoch Studies is to get people, young and old, to open, understand, and love their scriptures. We create study helps that encourage reflection and help build testimonies. 

Our Story

We started this company when the Come Follow Me curriculum came out. We wanted to create activities for kids that help them understand principles, and strengthen their little budding testimonies. We also wanted to help parents and teachers engage the young minds of their kids. There is a lot of time put into each of these activities and pages, and if every parent were putting that much time into their preparation, nothing else would get done. We wanted to create something for real families, and real parents, those of you who don’t have a lot of time, you parents who drive three of their kids to soccer two times a week, and piano lessons once a week, and try to fit dinner in there somewhere, you parents who have young kids at home who fantasize what it would be like to have two whole hours all to yourself, you parents who may struggle with the scriptures yourself, and are now asked to teach it to your children. 


Our goal with the pages we create, is not just do it for the sake of entertaining. We wanted to create activities that teach. We started with coloring pages and activities for young kids. Then as we got into it, we saw a need for study helps for the older kids – the not quite kids, but not quite teens. We then decided to create a kit with activities for those older kids, with the goal of getting them to open the scriptures on their own, and to really think about the principles that are being taught.


Our kits are designed to work together, so when you teach the story or principle for that week, you can teach it to all your kids, then have an activity they can all do at their level. 

Our Team

Our little company was started by Lindy Shock and Kenny Jackson. 


Our story started a long time ago. We actually met on our missions, in the New York Rochester Mission. We are both artists. Lindy works a little more on the realism side, and Kenny is an amazing illustrator. We have pulled each other in on different projects here and there, and worked together on a variety of projects.

One day we were talking, and we were both, independently, creating Come Follow Me activities and coloring pages. It was a no-brainer to team up. We decided to join forces and create something that uses our talents to help with the Come Follow Me curriculum, and to further the kingdom of God.

lindy family.jpg

Owner and CEO


I am a stay-at-home mother. I got married a little later in life, which gave me the opportunity to build a career, and gave me a love for entrepreneurship and business. I have started a few other businesses along the way, from book binding, to fabric activity books, to real estate, all with the idea of creating something I could do from home. I have a love for, and even a yearning for the scriptures. I love studying, and have many times lost myself for hours in the scriptures. My passion extends to then sharing what I learn with other people. I have always loved teaching, and seeing the spirit speak truth to the hearts of those I teach. I always feel blessed for the nuggets I receive while teaching, and preparing to teach as well.

I am not your typical, social media loving, spotless house, kid’s hair always done, kind of person. The truth is, my kitchen sink usually has dishes in it. I enjoy cooking maybe once a week. I don’t wear makeup. I love the outdoors, and I love the playground that is Utah. I am a rock climber, and I am pretty dang good at holding my own on a four wheeler down in red rock country. I love the crisp air of the mountains. I especially love when I am camping, and the air is cold, but I am all snuggled up, warm in my sleeping bag. I crave authenticity, and I believe most people do too. 


I love life and all it has to offer. Of course, I struggle, I get frustrated with my husband and kids, I have been through long hard depressions, I have had financial ruin, and there are a lot of weaknesses I am continually working on. But I love my testimony. I love that I have the perspective of faith, and a knowledge that God is there. I love the adventure that is this earthly experience. And I am constantly grateful and amazed that I was blessed to be born to the family I have, in the age of technology and education and feminine products, and in a country that was built on freedom and dreams, and most importantly, to have the gospel in my life. If you can imagine the odds of having such a life, and such an opportunity! I will be grateful forever for the blessings I was born into.

me and nikki_nihilani.jpg

Owner and Illustrator


Creativity is a part of me, from the time I could pick up a crayon I've been creating, posters, coloring books, illustrations, paintings etc.  It is what I was born to do.  I also had the opportunity to grow up in the Deserts and Mountain wonderlands of Utah from Logan to Ephraim, Ticaboo to Kanab as well as Ogden, Utah.  I got to enjoy and see all different sides of life as the oldest of 6 kids, my Dad being a Cop and my Mother being a talented Musician from England....all of that fueled my creativity through this day.  My path to continue to use my talents as a profession led me to study 2D Animation at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in Vancouver B.C. Canada.  Following that I returned to Utah where I've become a Jack of All "Art" Trades by working as an apparel designer, magazine design and layout, book illustrator, white board illustrator, Graphic Designer (logos, vehicle graphics, advertisements, T-shirts) tons and tons of Caricatures and much more.  


One of my earlier life experiences was my Baptism Day into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...I lived in Ticaboo, Utah (most people in Utah don't even know where it is) and when I turned 8 years old, I vividly remember walking down the ferry ramp into the cool waters of Lake Powell and being Baptized by my Dad and having the the warm peaceful feeling come over me...which I knew was the Holy Ghost.  From that day I have tried to improve myself, overcome anxiety and struggle and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life to help me move forward on my path.  One stop on that path was serving a Mission for the Church in the New York Rochester Mission from 2000-02 and crossed paths with fellow Missionary Sister Lindy Shock.  Since then we've continued to keep in touch and help each other in our creative journey...including most recently to create Enoch Studies.


I currently live full time in Sunny St. George, Utah with my wife of 17 years Nichole (no kids yet, but hopefully soon...which may include, but is not limited to doing the "Instant Family" route haha).  I work full time as Creative Director for a Marketing and Advertising company that creates products to save locals and tourists money in Southern Utah, while still doing freelance design work on the side.  I Love living and exploring the Red Rocks around me as much as possible, watching the Utah Jazz, playing basketball and trying to live the Gospel better each day.  I currently teach the CTR 6 class and support my wife as the Primary President.  I am so happy to be able to use my talents to help create spiritually uplifting and entertaining content through Enoch Studies, and I hope that what we do can help you and your family as well.

Our Request

Although, we do want to make money doing this (as it makes it easier to put time into it if we can use it to put food on the table) we are not looking to become millionaires from this. This is a tool that we believe should be cheap enough that anybody who wants to buy it, can buy it. So, we do have our operating expenses, and we would like to make some money, so we can devote more time to creating more products and more content. But our sole purpose and our drive isn’t, and never will be, the money. Our goal is to use the talents and resources we have been blessed with, to bless other people’s lives.


With that being said, we ask that you respect that we are a business, and would like to make some money to continue what we are doing. Please be honest, and do not share the digital images. You can, of course, print what you need for your family and home, and you are welcome to print enough for your primary class when you are teaching. But please be respectful and do not send other people the digital files. Encourage them to pay the nominal fee to get it themselves.

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